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Re: /usr/local in some packages

Since Manoj is absent and I see all kinds of stuff getting talked about as
to what we're supposed to do with /usr/local/, I suppose someone elase
should quote policy on it...

3.1.2. Site-specific programs

     As mandated by the FSSTND no package should place any files in
     /usr/local', either by putting them in the filesystem archive to be
     unpacked by dpkg or by manipulating them in their maintainer scripts.
     However, the package should create empty directories below
    /usr/local' so that the system administrator knows where to place
    site-specific files. These directories should be removed on package
    removal if they are empty.

     Note, that this applies only to directories *below* /usr/local', not
     *in* /usr/local'. The directory /usr/local' itself may only contain
     the sub-directories listed in FSSTND, section 4.8. However, you may
     create directories below them as you wish. You may not remove any of
     the directories listed in 4.8, even if you created them.

     Since /usr/local' may be mounted read-only from a remote server,
     these directories have to be created and removed by the postinst' and
     prerm' maintainer scripts. These scripts must not fail if either of
     these operations fail.

see shy jo

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