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Re: Des Moines, IA. Geographical Proximity, anyone?

dsb3 wrote:
> I'm looking to get registered as a debian developer and wondered if there
> was anyone moderately near to Des Moines, IA (usa) who can validate my
> existence (is that like getting your parking ticket stamped??) and sign my
> PGP key??

It is also accepted to file a scanned passport or similar.
So you won't fail if you can't manage to meed somebody.

> Also, I've heard mention that typically pgp2.6.2 is still used for the
> debian keys.  what's the scoop on the different versions?  I currently
> just have a pgp5 key; would be happy to install 2.6.2 as well if needed
> but found it rather curious ......

pgp5 keys are incompatible with pgp2 ones.  Also pgp5 allows some
fashion of key recovery through third parties which is not appreciated.

Since gnupg is usable we are going to make our tools accept gnupg
as well (or better: as primary signature program) and I don't think
that we're ever going to support pgp5.



PS: If you want to receive answers, you should configure your mail
program to append a realname, in the from line would be appreciated.

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