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Re: "super" pkgs (was Re: Back to RedHat)

* Federico Di Gregorio (Tue, Sep 29, 1998 at 10:09:45AM +0200)
> Yes. The problem of super-packages is that if you install, say, 20
> normal packages by a single "click", you expect to remove them the
> same way... Maybe we need to update dpkg/apt anyway...

Couldn't this be solved by putting deinstallation procedures for the
installed packages in pre/postrm? (and not necessarily deinstall all, but tell
the user which packages was installed, and ask if (s)he wants to deinstall

An example session.:

root@machine > dpkg --purge blah
Removing blah...
By deinstalling 'blah', the following packages will be  marked for removal.

	blah, blah-lib, blah-games, blah-config, tkblah

Do you want to keep any of them? [ y / N / ? ] y

Keep blah?         [ y / N / ? ] n
Keep blah-lib?     [ y / N / ? ] n
Keep blah-games?   [ y / N / ? ] y
Keep blah-config?  [ y / N / ? ] n
Keep tkblah?       [ y / N / ? ] n

Removing: blah, blah-lib, blah-config, tkblah
Keeping:  blah-games

Is this OK?        [ Y / n / ? ]


 SSM - Stig Sandbeck Mathisen
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