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Re: [Off Topic] official zip-drive/ls120 - images

On Tue 29 Sep 1998, Paul Kunysch wrote:

> Philippe Troin writes:
>  > >   And is there something like "cat bin.004 >> bin.img" under DOS? ]
>  > copy /b bin.001 + bin.002 + bin.003 + bin.004 bin.img
>  > (out of my head, didn't use this for ages)
> Thanks, it even works, but (a) I've mentioned this method myself (;
> and (b) it copies all files at a time instead of appending the next
> small one to all others. You need much more free space and you have
> to copy the files twice, which is quite time-consuming.

You can do

copy /b bin.img+bin.001

to append bin.001 to bin.img.  This (surprisingly!) does not use a
temp file (I just tested it with a floppy where there wasn't enough
space left for such a temp file.)

Paul Slootman
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