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official zip-drive/ls120 - images


I think it would be nice to have an easier way for a beginner to
get a Linux-distribution from the net. IMO many people are able to
connect a "<100MB-device" to a public internet-computer, download
lots of data and install everything at home. (Or lend the "copies"
to friends.) But most beginners have to decide in advance what files
they will need or they have to download a cdimage completely at
once, split it and "copy /b ... + ... + ..." them on their
DOS-computer at home.

[ BTW, why is splitting under Solaris slower than downloading?!?
  And is there something like "cat bin.004 >> bin.img" under DOS? ]

I think Debian is one of the few distributions, that might support
a ZIP-Version since we don't _want_ to sell CDs. SuSE even seems to
try to prevent people from installing from ftp. Their base-system,
formerly offered as a "inst-sys.tar" is now offered _directly_ as
"inst-sys/*". I don't know how a beginner should find a way to
restore the correct (recursive!) links, owners and rights after
downloading. (But: I might have missed something important.)

- Is someone already working on something like this?

- Is it indeed needed?

- How should it be implemented?

Putting all "required" and (most?) "important" archives
on the first disk seems to be logical.

( Together with two kernel-images, a ramdisk-image, a listing of files
  from other Disks and some WinDos-tools
  [md5sum.exe, rsync-client.exe(??)] )

Any comments?


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