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[knghtbrd@debian.org: Re: official zip-drive/ls120 - images]

Never trust an operating system you don't have source for!
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On Tue, Sep 29, 1998 at 01:04:19AM +0200, Paul Kunysch wrote:
>  > > I think it would be nice to have an easier way for a beginner to
>  > > get a Linux-distribution from the net. IMO many people are able to
>  > > connect a "<100MB-device" to a public internet-computer, download
>  > > lots of data and install everything at home.
>  [...]
>  > So far I'm working on just install disk.  It's not hard to install to a zip
>  > disk (note that you'd have to have 2 zip drives or not be installing FROM
>  > zip..  Of course my hope is that the large install media could as easily be
>  > a fat partition on a hard drive.  <shrug>
> I can't understand why you talk about an "install to a zip" or why the
> "how do I install to a loopback-device"-discussion relates to this.
> My intention was to install _from_ a [loopback-file located on a]
> zip-disk to one of the usual locations.

This is what I'm working on first and foremost.  Something a user can make
in dos that will install Debian from a big disk like a zip drive..

> I would have expected that the modification of "debian-cd" would
> be the hardest part, since the original directories have to
> be ripped apart. ( Perhaps I should look at this package first,
> and continue the discussion next week ... (; )

nah, just a mod to the boot-floppies package.

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