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Re: a couple of install questions

On Wed 23 Sep 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

> If you want to use a different density, simply switch to the second console
> and re-format the partition yourself.  I believe this is an acceptable
> compromise.

An additional entry field for mke2fs options, or even a radio-button
style thingy should be doable...

> > there is no way to change that. Secondly - lilo setup asks whether I want
> > to boot to linux or alt. OS, but doesn't follow up with detecting other
> > OS partitions and offering to put them into the lilo.conf (yes, I know,
> > I'm comparing to Slackware - but those were features that I found very
> > handy and thought I'd ask)
> I'm not sure if this is easy to implement but it would probably nice if
> other operating systems could be detected.  Could you file this as a
> wishlist bug against the boot-floppies package?  If you want to have
> this included, could you try to implement such a detection routine and
> include a patch?  This would speed up its development a lot.

Detection is quite trivial to do quickly, of course; just look at
the partition types. Any non-linux types could be candidates for
adding to lilo.conf as "other = ...".  In my experience that works
for dos, sco, and os/2 bootmanager.

Paul Slootman
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