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Re: a couple of install questions

D'jinnie wrote:
> Having recently (re)installed a hamm system, I was just curious what the
> motivation for a couple of install steps was. First - why don't I get a
> choice of what kind of inode density I want when the hd is formatted? I
> personally prefer 1 in 1K but apparently Debian defaults to 1 in 2K and

In former times I complained about not being able to add this.  But since
big disks are quite inexpensive it's not a major problem to use a "wrong"
inode density.  However I still like /var/spool have 2048/inode and /pub

If you want to use a different density, simply switch to the second console
and re-format the partition yourself.  I believe this is an acceptable

> there is no way to change that. Secondly - lilo setup asks whether I want
> to boot to linux or alt. OS, but doesn't follow up with detecting other
> OS partitions and offering to put them into the lilo.conf (yes, I know,
> I'm comparing to Slackware - but those were features that I found very
> handy and thought I'd ask)

I'm not sure if this is easy to implement but it would probably nice if
other operating systems could be detected.  Could you file this as a
wishlist bug against the boot-floppies package?  If you want to have
this included, could you try to implement such a detection routine and
include a patch?  This would speed up its development a lot.



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