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Re: "Official CD" screwups (Was: Why only one non-free section?)

On Fri, Sep 18, 1998 at 07:06:16PM +0100, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
> >> But then, this won't catch my cdrom drive, which is on /dev/hda.
> >> (/dev/hdb is a floppy, and /dev/hdc is my hard disk.)  And some people
> >> will have their cdrom in more obscure places still.
> >Um.
> >
> >That above was a config file line you set containing devices you have which
> >may contain mountables with Debian dists on them---ie anything bigger than a
> >floppy drive might qualify.
> Oh, I see.  Still, it would be good to be able to automatically tailor
> the defaults to the system at install time, wouldn't it?

This is possible with the same method the install finds a CD now I think. 
If I'm wrong about that, forgive me I just woke up.

> >2.1.x does not give me all the info I want on the IDE and SCSI systems.  I
> >wanna be able to with /proc find where a Zip drive is.  Or rather, any IDE
> >or SCSI removable device and what /dev/?d? device is connected to it.
> I don't know about SCSI, but IDE information seems fairly complete.
> You can tell which devices are available, and whether they're floppy,
> cdrom, tape or disk; that should be enough to offer sensible defaults.
> For other stuff, you're probably right, and I was being too optimistic.
> But then, given that we already have /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info, I would
> hope that it will be matched by similar files for the other possible
> device types.  But I suppose that won't happen before 2.2, will it?

There's much less SCSI info it seems.

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