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Re: "Official CD" screwups (Was: Why only one non-free section?)

> I realize there is really no policy covering "official" CDs,

This is not strictly true.

There is a file ``README.official'' which is available here:


(I'll attach it below)

which describes what is currently ``policy'' on when a CD gets to be official.

Admittedly, I just typed this up as part of debian-cd, because we were getting 
close to the 2.0 deadline, and were without any policy statement, so if people 
don't like the content, then please file bugs against debian-cd, or bring it 
up on an appropriate list.

It would be great if we ended up with a test script which was smart enough to 
tell when a CD was valid, so we could have README.official say:

  A CD is an ``official'' CD either when its md5sum matches the one on the 
  master site, or when the debian-cd-test program says it is.

but until then, I think official CDs have to defined as those that match the 
master images.

Of course a more formal definition of what debian-cd is actually trying to 
produce would also be nice (The current assumption that whatever debian-cd 
produces when I run it, must be an official CD, does not help me to maintain 
debian-cd much :-)

Cheers, Phil.

Policy on when you can call a CD ``Official Debian 2.0''

You can refer to your CDs as ``Official Debian CDs'' only if they are
made using images that match those found on the cdimage master site.  You can check this by running md5sum against the images that you intend to burn:

  md5sum binary-i386.raw

and comparing the output with that found here:


The suggested phrasing to use when advertising images is as follows:

  Title:                                             Images on CDs:
  ======                                             ==============

  Official Debian 2.0 Complete 4 CD Set              binary-i386.raw

  Official Debian 2.0 i386 3 CD Set                  binary-i386.raw

  Official Debian 2.0 m68k 3 CD Set                  binary-m68k.raw

  Official Debian 2.0 i386 main binary CD            binary-i386.raw

  Official Debian 2.0 m68k main binary CD            binary-m68k.raw

  Official Debian 2.0 Contrib & Source 2 CD Set      source.raw

Please note, that if you elect to sell the ``main binary'' CDs
separately, the licences for the software contained on these CDs
obliges you to provide the source for the packages for a reasonable
fee, for up to three years after the date of purchase.

We suggest that you make sure that any advert for the ``main binary''
CDs also carries an advert for the ``Contrib & Source'' set.  Also
note that some of the source for the main packages is in fact on the
contrib CD image (the source for the x11 applications)

Be sure to read README.contrib --- there's a possible problem with the 
licences of some of the contrib binaries that you should know about
before deciding to distribute these CDs.

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>

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