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Re: Debian too big? (Re: intent to package: gmt generic mapping tools)

On Tuesday 15 September 1998, at 10 h 30, the keyboard of Peter S Galbraith 
<GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> wrote:

> 2- Tweak the install and package tools to betyter accomodate multi-CDs (we
>    already have the problem with contrib and non-free anyway).  Perhaps a
>    complete distribution Packages.gz file to let dselect know what's

It already exists. Datom developed very nice multi_cd, multi_nfs and multi_mount access methods for dselect, shipped with their CDROM or by FTP <http://www.datom.de/debian/>. Their CD set is made of three CD (because they include a good part of non-free and non-us) and it works fine now, after the beginnings in beta stage.

An happy user of multi_cd

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