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Re: Differences between GNU and Debian install-info

>>"Gord" == Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@trick.fig.org> writes:

 Gord> Hi!
>>>>> Manoj Srivastava writes:

 Gord> That was an old version of install-info, back in the days when people
 Gord> were dreaming up the idea of such a program.  Karl Berry (texinfo
 Gord> maintainer) regrets the fact that this old version ever existed,
 Gord> because it caused mass confusion.

	Oh. That's the one I remember. Thanks for the correction.

 MS> Ours does not move files around (since the package maintainer
 MS> has already done that, it just manages the dir file.

 Gord> What GNU version are you looking at?  The install-info from
 Gord> texinfo-3.12 has exactly the same purpose as the Debian version:

	I was recalling the behaviour of the last GNU install-info 

 Gord> The other differences are quite trivial, and can be discovered very
 Gord> easily if you try playing with both `/sbin/install-info' and
 Gord> `/usr/bin/install-info' on a recent Debian system.

__> file /usr/bin/install-info
/usr/bin/install-info: can't stat `/usr/bin/install-info' (No such file or directory).
__> egrep install-info /var/lib/dpkg/info/info.list \

	And I am running slink uptodate as of Monday (I hope that
 classifies as a ``recent'' debian system).

	Could you please tell me which Debian package installs teh GNU
 install-info so I can have a look?

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