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Re: Differences between GNU and Debian install-info


>>>>> Manoj Srivastava writes:

 Gord> The other differences are quite trivial, and can be discovered
 Gord> very easily if you try playing with both `/sbin/install-info'
 Gord> and `/usr/bin/install-info' on a recent Debian system.


 MS> 	Could you please tell me which Debian package installs the GNU
 MS> install-info so I can have a look?

Mea culpa.

I must have installed GNU texinfo-3.12 into /usr, because
/usr/bin/install-info isn't owned by dpkg or RPM (I'm migrating from
Red Hat 4.2 to slink).

I guess to do the comparison requires the GNU sources, but that's not
too much to ask, since whoever wants to hack the required features
into GNU install-info will need the sources anyway.

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