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Differences between GNU and Debian install-info


>>>>> Manoj Srivastava writes:

 MS> The GNU version takes the info files and installs them in the
 MS> proper place, and tells the installer to edit the dir file
 MS> manually.

That was an old version of install-info, back in the days when people
were dreaming up the idea of such a program.  Karl Berry (texinfo
maintainer) regrets the fact that this old version ever existed,
because it caused mass confusion.

 MS>    Ours does not move files around (since the package maintainer
 MS> has already done that, it just manages the dir file.

What GNU version are you looking at?  The install-info from
texinfo-3.12 has exactly the same purpose as the Debian version:

1) It doesn't move files around.  You run it on info files that are
already copied into place.

2) It edits the dir file, either adding or deleting entries.

The other differences are quite trivial, and can be discovered very
easily if you try playing with both `/sbin/install-info' and
`/usr/bin/install-info' on a recent Debian system.

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