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Re: attention: whoever was going to take moonlight, xbanner

On Sun, Sep 06, 1998 at 03:39:42AM +0200, Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:

>      I expressed my intention to package moonlight in June, as well
> as some other tools. I have not yet had time to do so but still want
> to (time is indeed a scarce recurse indeed). I might have been
> so, a volunteer for it.
>         I am still interested, it is just that I have not used it yet           
> and have packaged some other software I am currently using (casio, CLIPS..)     
> If others are interested to take moonlight and feel they would keep             
> it more uptodate feel free to take over it.                                     

Hi Javier.

I volunteered to take over moonlight. If you are willing to maintain it,
it's ok with me. Just a word of advice: you'll need to use the tools in
slink (the new g++) to get it to compile (at least the last version). The
tools in hamm won't do. You'll also need to package the newest gltt (you
should take it from Joey, too). And you'll need to ask Anthony Fok
<foka@debian.org> to package FreeType 1.1 to get gltt to compile (I'm CC'ing

Summary: you need the newest gcc/g++ combo to compile moonlight mlc, which
	 requieres the lastest gltt, which requierest the lastest freetype
	 (1.1) which is a package by Anthony Fok. Joey has the other two,
	 and those are the ones you should take over.


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