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Re: read KDE and QT in the archives was Re: Status of Harmony?

On 07-Sep-1998, Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:
> I really think we should all go back and read the archives here people. 
> No sense running the same aguments.
> To sum it up quickly, when Bruce was still pres. he offered to help get
> Harmony up and sponsor KDe (this was right before or right as GNOME
> showed up).  The KDE people stated they liked QT and would not use a QT
> clone.  So harmony was never backed.  And GNOME became the official GNU
> thing.  Even iif Harmony ever grows to fruition, the core of KDE will
> exploit QT features and make Harmony a big circular waste of time.

Not necessarily.  You can create a split of KDE that does
not use these features.

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