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Re: Can we pull KDE?

>>"Alex" ==   <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:

 Alex> There is one more reason. Pulling KDE packages would reduce
 Alex> already shrinked Debian user base even more.

	Firstly, I see no evidence of a ``shrinking'' user base. Secondly, 
 that is a bad basis to decide what we provide on our ftp site. Thirdly, 
 apart from the botched copyright (which can be fixed with a clause to
 allow linking with QT), were there not issues about KDE linking
 GPL'ed code that they do not own the copyrights on with non-free
 libs? That last one, if true, is quite serious.

 Alex> I am not a KDE user, but I feel that this is may be the major
 Alex> visible advantage of Debian vs. RedHat - availability of
 Alex> well-integrated KDE (menus, etc.).

	I think that there are other advantages that Debian has. However,
 percieved advantages, like popularity, is a bad criteria. 

 Alex> Let's get real, keeping KDE is no threat.

	Not a threat, maybe; but quite possibly illegal. 


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