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developer questions

I am catching up on Debian work today and I have a few questions that
I haven't been able to answer by reading the developer web pages or
groveling through the mailing list archives.  I would appreciate any
assistance and also any clues as to where I could have figured this
from the Debian documentation, if possible.

  Is the automatic bug closing system that uses the 'fixes' keyword in
  the changelog in place?  I remember this being discussed a while
  ago, but there is no mention of it at

  I need to remove from the distribution a package that I uploaded
  (binutils-m68k-palmos-coff) that was superceded by another package
  that someone else uploaded (prc-tools).  How do I do this?

  When I first packaged xcopilot, the only ROMs available were the
  non-free ones from 3Com, so it went in contrib.  Now one can
  download a uCLinux ROM for it.  Is there any problem moving it to
  main?  Is it enough to upload the next version with a new Section


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