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Re: developer questions

On Sun, 6 Sep 1998, Gene McCulley wrote:

>   Is the automatic bug closing system that uses the 'fixes' keyword in
>   the changelog in place?

No, not yet.

>   I need to remove from the distribution a package that I uploaded
>   (binutils-m68k-palmos-coff) that was superceded by another package
>   that someone else uploaded (prc-tools).  How do I do this?

Submitting a bug against the "ftp.debian.org" package.
>   When I first packaged xcopilot, the only ROMs available were the
>   non-free ones from 3Com, so it went in contrib.  Now one can
>   download a uCLinux ROM for it.  Is there any problem moving it to
>   main?

There should be no problem if the new rom comply with the DFSG.

> Is it enough to upload the next version with a new Section field?

Probably not, but I'm not sure, you may submit a bug against
ftp.debian.org after receiving the mail from "maor-installer", if
it was not installed in the right place.

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