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Re: debian-cd

>BTW Are you using the hard link trick Andreas came up with for debian-cd ?

someone came with a better approach : 
the pacthed mkisofs is able to decide, whether a symlink is inside the root
directory (keep it as symlink) or is directed to something outside the root
dir (make it a directory).

that way you can replace all recursive/hardlink creating copies with one
ln -s command.

but i did not test the patch yet. did anyone ?

>If you want to come up with a script that takes a set of configuration files 
>that define what goes on a CD, I'd be happy to take it and write the config 
>files to produce a similar CD to that produced by debian-cd.

i was thinking about some interpreter/config file mechanism, too.
simple cp commands are not good enough for createing the cdrom tree,
and a makefile is to inflexible. spliting the stuff should help.


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