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Re: [RFC] Exim as standard Debian MTA?

On Fri, Aug 28, 1998 at 10:47:50AM -0500, Mike Miller wrote:
>     > 	I strongly object to dumbing down Debian for the sake of
>     > market share.
> Absolutely!  A large part of the value of Linux is that it
> provides workstation capabilities at the price of a "desktop"
> machine.  If Debian were dumbed down so far that it no longer
> gave the advantages that come with a *nix workstation, why would
> anyone choose Debian?

Does debian have to be dumbed down to make it easy to use?  Exim can be easy
to use without hurting the power of Sendmail, wvdial doesn't hurt the
"power" <snicker> of chat...

> To get back on topic - in my opinion, Debian needs an MTA in a
> default installation.  As for the particular beast, exim or
> something else, I'll leave that to folks who know more about it
> than I do, but, please, let's make sure that something is always
> there.

Of a certainty.

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