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Re: [RFC] Exim as standard Debian MTA?

In article <19980827071807.A7633@itri.loyola.edu>,
	mstone@itri.loyola.edu (Michael Stone) writes:
> Quoting Andreas Jellinghaus (aj@dungeon.inka.de):
>> please remove any mailer from standard.
>> the normal newby does use netscape and not
>> fetchmail+mutt+MTA do access it's mail.
> First, netscape isn't part of the debian distribution. Second, what does
> it hurt to include a mailer?

>From the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ:

> Debian GNU/Linux is the result of a volunteer effort to create
> a free, high-quality Unix-compatible operating system, complete
> with a suite of applications. The idea of a free Unix-like system

Isn't a mailer a standard part of a UNIX-like system?

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