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Vote taking software

Well, it looks like the vote taking software UseVote can work for Debian.  With
some modifications, it can even be made (has been made) to be automatic.

The only problem I've found that I need to work on is handling bounced mail. 
Since the vote ack is sent back to the email address in the PGP keyring, if
that email address is wrong, the ack bounces back to the vote software which
tries to process it as a vote again.  Since the bounce isn't PGP signed, it
gets rejected (even though the vote itself was accepted) and the voter thinks
his vote was rejected because of a false PGP signal.  I think an Errors-To:
xyz@abc.com would take care of that.

I set up a "user" on my system (vote) and installed a .forward file for user
vote that pipes the mail into a script that:

        1) saves the email in a unique file name
        2) hands that email to a pgp checking script for processessing
        3) sends the good pgp-email though the modified UseVote software.

Any process that pipes the email into the script will process it just fine so I
suppose procmail could be set up to key off of something in the header for
people who don't have the luxury of unlimited usernames.

Just for grins, I'll post the voting results later to day but the whole system
will be up indefinatly.  If you want to try it out, just send a message 
to vote@benham.net.  Sign it with PGP (or don't if you want to see the "error"
message).  Who knows.  Maybe more pounding will trip something else up.

Version: 3.1
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