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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

Steve Lamb <morpheus@calweb.com> wrote:
>     "Do you have the latest release?"  (2.0r2/2.0.2)
>     "Yes!" (2.0)
>     What part of that is not lying?

The part in quotes is not lying.  The numbers in parenthesis are
a different issue.  We should, of course, be careful to document
what we mean by a debian release.

The latest debian release is hamm.

We've not released slink yet.

                               * * * * *

What problem are you trying to solve?  

[For example, it both instances of the hamm release will have the illegal
kde binaries.  Then again, if you're not talking official releases you
might find greater differences from vendor to vendor than you would find
from official instance to official instance.]

[If you want to become a debian distribution of the month vendor,
you'll have a niche market, but I don't think anyone will confuse your
product with the debian snapshot release market.  More generally, dpkg
does enough for the user that I think we're justified in using our own
naming convention for our cdroms.]


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