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Re: Copyright from the lcs-projekt!? [dwarf@polaris.net: Re: First cut at testing and validation]

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
> And just what purpose would this "new" forked version serve? Validate a
> different standard? Do some other job instead?


> What "useful algorithm" am I keeping out of the hands of the rest of the
> community by not allowing modification? The major portion of this package,
> which is not visible in the script I published are the files containing
> the lists of objects being checked. Change one character in any of these
> lists and the validation proceedure will no longer be useful.

Haven't seen it yet.  Why violate principle and introduce non-free
software for a free-software project?

However, let's say that only a part of the program tests things which
concern my packages.  And that I need to make a few specific changes to
make the tests useful as a test-harness.  And maybe that I want to add
onto these.

You seem to have decided that there can never be such things.

> This is a piece of software that serves a specific, narrow, purpose.
> Allowing it to be modified only dilutes the strength of the test and
> the standard.

Disallowing it is a rather poor example of how things can be made to
work within Debian's guidelines.  And it's not the code that you're
trying to protect -- it's the certification implied by the program.

And I think you should focus on the goals you're trying to accomplish.


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