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Re: New Webmaster Needed

On Wed, 5 Aug 1998 treacy@debian.org wrote:

> The job of webmaster is taking too much time and keeping me
> from getting involved in other things I have much greater interest
> in. I am thus looking for a replacement. Even better would be
> a few people who will each look after part of the pages.
> I am willing to help out for a while as the new people get up
> to speed.
> This position requires a different time commitment than most other
> Debian jobs. It is not sufficient to pile everything up and do it
> once a week. This is Debian's face to the world so must be kept
> running smoothly.
> Most of the time there is not a lot of html that needs to be written
> as the human generated pages are less than 5% of the web site. The
> person(s) thus needs to know, or be willing to learn, about CVS, wml,
> CGI and perl.
> BTW, www.debian.org alone is generating somewhere on the order of 150k
> hits/day. If you ever wanted to work on a high volume web site, this
> is your chance.

I already have commit access (and Jay has received some irritating emails
with suggestions from me already) to the web CVS tree, and understand how
it all hangs together.  I volunteer therefore to help out - but I don't
think that at the moment I can make the time commitment for full

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