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Re: AFM font metrics location?

Just my 2c here...

Some time ago when I had much more time and I begun writing DTM I
proposed the following layout:


where <type> is the type of the font, like truetype or type1 and
files is the kind of files in the directory, like outlines for the
real fonts or metrics for the metric information. Example:

/usr/share/fonts/type1/outlines/...   (.pfa and .pfb files)
/usr/share/fonts/type1/metrics/...    (.afm files)

We don't want to move TeX fonts under /usr/share/fonts because TeX
is a *large* package and is too much work to arrage everything to
work. (But we can have TeX look in /usr/share/fonts for ps, tt and
other types of fonts...)

On Sun, Aug 02, 1998 at 04:06:18PM -0400, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> The ad-hoc directory structure I'm currently using in GGlyph for the
> user's personal fonts is:
> ~/Fonts/type1 - .pfa and .pfb files
> ~/Fonts/afm - .afm files
> ~/Fonts/tfm - .tfm files

The same organization can be used for the users home directories.
Note that I like more lowercase names but that's only aesthetics.

~/fonts/type1/outlines/...   (.pfa and .pfb files)
~/fonts/type1/metrics/...    (.afm files)

The user should be allowed to have TeX fonts in its home and maybe some
automagically generated scripts (dtm...) to access them. Do we have
a standard directory for user-tex-macros or we need something like
~/tex-inputs or simply ~/tex?

> So, for example, gsfonts would install in /usr/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript
> and /usr/share/fonts/afm/ghostscript, xfntscl would either install in
> /usr/share/fonts/speedo/X11 and /usr/share/fonts/type1/X11 or create
> symlinks, and then run something like type1afm to generate AFM files in
> /usr/share/fonts/afm/X11 if they aren't already there, and so on...

I don't like very much the idea of subdirectories. If we manage everything
by scripts and install-programs (both at the package-level and at user-
lebel, gglyph come to mind) we don't need them. The developer and the
user should be able to work with higher concepts like foundries,
families of fonts, attributes (bold-italic-etc) and not with file-names
and directories.

> There might be endianness problems with bitmaps, though.  (these would
> generally be things that would go in /var/cache/fonts anyway, or would
> be specific to X11...)


> This isn't a real proposal or anything, just an idea I'm tossing out.

Mine too. ;)

> > They appear to be free.  Adobe's downloadables license on the web
> > appears to allow redistribution & modification, although the license
> > inside the files themselves says ``All Rights Reserved.''  Maybe we
> > should talk to Adobe about this?
> You can also generate AFM files from .pfa/.pfb files by scaling them to
> 1000 points and getting the BBox for each glyph.  There are at least two
> programs that can do this in our distribution already.

I use them. They are pretty slow (at least pfa2afm, a postscript program 
that requires ghostscript) but useable.


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