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Re: AFM font metrics location?

On Mon, Aug 03, 1998 at 12:24:01PM -0400, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> AFM files for all Adobe fonts can be downloaded directly from Adobe's
> web site.  Presumably other font vendors also make their AFMs freely
> available.  When would we have to make a `fake' AFM file?

For things like the 'freefont' and 'sharefont' packages, or for other
random public-domain fonts that people might get.  For high-quality
typefaces, no, it's not a good idea, but good fonts typically ship
with AFM files anyway.

I wasn't suggesting that we not use AFM files when they're available.
But keep in mind that aside from Utopia, we don't ship any Adobe fonts
on our system, so Adobe's AFM files won't do us any good.

This is a non-issue anyway, because most of the packages with fonts
already include AFM files,  with the exception of 'freefont', 'sharefont',
and 'xfntscl'.  So the only problem is getting them all in a designated
place, which is I think what the "Definitive Type Manager" is intended
to address ('dtm', it's in slink).


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