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Re: POSIX shell; bash ash pdksh & /bin/sh

I put it short, as I don't want to waste your and my time.

On Tue, Aug 04, 1998 at 01:45:26PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  Marcus> You still miss my point: I think that Debian should at some
>  Marcus> point in the future not grant bash, but any posix shell as
>  Marcus> existant on the system, as /bin/sh.
> 	Nothing to do with Bash being essential. Nothing. This point
>  has been agreed to. Over and over and over agin. Guy is already
>  committed to changing /bin/sh to be managed by /etc/alternatives. Can
>  we get over this now? Who is disagreeing? Where is the argument?

Wrong. This is the whole point. You want to promise everyone that Bash will
ever be there on every Debian system. This is why you want Bash to stay
essential forever.

I want to promise everyone that we have a posix shell installed, ever. This
is why I want a virtual package posix-shell that an essential package depends on.
And no shell should be essential, but some provide posix-shell.

This is the whole disagreement. I disagree with you that Bash needs to be

(The rest elaborates this a bit, the important things are above, so you may
wish to stop reading).

You claim that making bash nonessential would break things. I can't see why,
as it won't be disappear from the systems without action of the sysadmin.
Removing the essential flag is not the same as purging bash from every
Debian system, as you well know. You can trust the sysadmin to know why he
wants to remove bash.

Until you can prove that removing the essential flag on bash will really create
major headache, I feel that this is a matter of taste.

> 	But not in other points of view. Bash is essential now not
>  becuase it is the only POSIX shell (it is not) but becuase too many
>  packages and private scripts depend on it being on the system. You
>  have offered no reason to remove bash. Just to make /bin/sh any
>  shell. We all agree to that. But, scripts starting with #!/bin/bash
>  have been guaranteed to work on Debian systems. I shall strongly
>  object to anything that dilutes that, and breaks peoples systems. 

If you need bash, you have bash installed. What is the problem? This alone
is not a strong enough reason, IMHO.

The rest of your mail is snipped, because it can hardly improve the
discussion at this point.

Thank you,

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