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Re: POSIX shell; bash ash pdksh & /bin/sh


On Tue, Aug 04, 1998 at 12:22:59PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	Oh, for gods sake. Stop mixing the bit about /bin/sh beinng
>  any POSIX shell with bash being essential. THEY ARE NOT RELATED.

Interesting. For me the non-essentiality of bash is a logical consequence of
moving the focus from bash to any posix conform shell.

You still miss my point: I think that Debian should at some point in the
future not grant bash, but any posix shell as existant on the system, as
/bin/sh. Every other shell would be installed either by request of the sys
admin or to satisfy package dependencies. (I already stated that bash should
be the default posix shell installed, priority required).

The topics are related because bash is the only posix shell at the moment,
and this is the only justification for it to be essential (in my point of
view). Introducing a virtual package posix-shell does only make sense if
there is an alternative.

I'm talking about making a posix-shell essential, it doesn't have to be bash
in my opinion. This is my point. Is this clear enough?

> 	Also, Policy applies to pre/post scripts, not user and
>  sysadmin and thord party scripts.

So what? Bash as the default shell should be sufficient to grant every
functionality needed.

>  >> Give me one technical reason for asking me to do so.
>  Marcus> Debian scripts should use #!/bin/sh whereever possible to get
>  Marcus> more aware of bashisms and how they can be avoided. You said
>  Marcus> that we should be very strict in what we output and be
>  Marcus> liberal in what we accept. You said that you want that it is
>  Marcus> possible to point #!/bin/sh to other shells, but this makes
>  Marcus> only sense if this shell is used by the Debian scripts.
> 	What the heck does this have to do with bash being demoted
>  from being essential?  Can't you keep your arguments on track?

Manoj, you seem to be upset. No need to be, please calm down.
Again, I said that I want to move the focus from bash to posix shell.

> 	I am ignoring the rest of your message, since I have yet to
>  see anything relevant. Stop beating a dead horse. The issue of
>  /bin/sh being any POSIX has already been decided, and the decision is
>  in your favour. Let the rest of us get on with the issue of
>  essentialness of bash, if you can't seem to let go of the POSIX
>  /bin/sh arguments.

Your freedom gives you the right to ignore me, but will not make you more
right or wrong. If this is the only way you see to solve this discussion for you,
you have either lost your arguments or there is a misunderstanding.

I'm a bit disappointed by your attitude, I remember you being more

Thank you,

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