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Re: Dual PII problem

In article <35C730CD.D252A533@fluid3.fmc.uam.es> you write:
>Hello, I have an Iwill motherboard with 2 PII at 400 MHz and SCSI
>adaptec controller.
>I have tried with many kernels and all (2.0.34 2.0.35 2.1.110 2.1.113)
>except 2.1.105 work but after 2-10 min they crash.
>With kernel 2.1.105 the system works (at least up to 1-2 hours) but it
>doesn't compile the kernel, it produces an error 11. Even with this
>kernel, sometimes it hangs, but without any error message, just
>something (i.e. keyboard ..) doesn't work. I have read all the FAQ that
>I have found about the bios parameters, the kernel parameters and
>adaptec problems.

at least it's not a general problem or distribution related :
i have a machine with 2 PII at 300 and scsi 2940, and everything works fine
with debian 2.0 and kernel 2.1.113 (i think i tried 2.1.110, too, and it also
worked). i have been working all day and got no problems. i'm useing the
machine for developing/running threaded programs (5 - 200 threads per program

ask on linux-kernel, and give more details on your hardware.
(iwil ? version / type / bios revision / ...)


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