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Re: Dual PII problem

"Manuel Reinaldo Falagan" <manuel@fluid3.fmc.uam.es> writes:

> Hello, I have an Iwill motherboard with 2 PII at 400 MHz and SCSI
> adaptec controller.
> I have tried with many kernels and all (2.0.34 2.0.35 2.1.110 2.1.113)
> except 2.1.105 work but after 2-10 min they crash.
> With kernel 2.1.105 the system works (at least up to 1-2 hours) but it
> doesn't compile the kernel, it produces an error 11. 

This sounds like it might be a bad simm. Try memtest86 which is in the debian
package hwtools. If you can keep it up long enough you can set up a memtest86
boot disk and boot off of it to test your memory.

Otherwise I suggest you contact the kernel mailing list on vger, they're still
finding race conditions and other SMP bugs, they might want to hear from you.
If you do you should send the .config used to build your kernel, and what
drivers and modules you're actually using. 


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