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Re: Why has bo vanished from the archives?

Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
> It seems to me that removing bo from ftp.debian.org is a violation
> of the GPL (in spirit, if not in letter), by removing acesss to
> the source from those people that installed Debian via the ftp
> method.

Err, you still can get bo on CD, in source and in binary form.

> I feel that any Debian distribution should be made available via
> ftp for at least 3 years from its release date.

We're sorry, but this is a simple matter of disk space.  bo takes
1.2GB on my mirror.  Hamm is even worse with 2GB.  The entire archive
on my mirror is 6.1gb big.  (there's also 300MB of rex/source, I admit)

There are not many sites that can afford that much disk space completey
donated to the Debian project.

I, too, would like to have older versions of Debian around via
ftp but I recognize the problems and see its difficulties.



Whenever you meet yourself you're in a time loop or in front of a mirror.

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