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SAL and Debian

	Hello Jou,
	I want to thank you for providing SAL. I find that it's a great
resource.  I notice that you are interested in supporting packaging.  I am
trying to package several of the items for Debian.  But I have difficulty
finding time to do it all myself.  I already have several packages in the
Debian archive and recently uploaded several more.  I will notify you when
they are installed in the mirrors. 

	Have you had any success in your search for people who are
interested in packaging SAL items for linux or Debian ?  I would be
willing to provide assistance.  For instance, if someone is able to get a
package to build properly on a Debian machine, I can take the result and
build the Debian package.  Or I can help someone step through their first
package. I would like to see more people involved in packaging scientific
applications for Debian, but I understand there are barriers to starting. 
Also, it sometimes takes some work to packag these things on any kind of
linux.  I would like to get the source trees from people who are building
things for RH or other dists to make it easier to port to Debian. Of
course, I will supply the same thing to people making RH packages (for
instance, telling them how to unpack a debian source tree)  (I don't know
how to build a RH package however).  If people respond to your inquiry
about packaging items, the best way to notify debian (including myself),
is to forward the request to debian-devel@lists.debian.org .  We can
answer questions and provide support or collaborate in packaging.

	A separate concern is your links to the locations of Debian
packages.  Since there are many debian mirrors and CD's and all Debian
packages appear in a standard place, perhaps it would be better to provide
a link for each package to a page at SAL which explains how to download
the package and whether it's available on CD (this depends on whether the
license is GPL-like) . If there is a debian package which is not available
on the debian distribution, it could have its own link , of course.  I
would be willing to write a page which you could edit and integrate into
your site.  I don't know how your generate your pages, but another
possiblity is for me to write a script that generates a snippit of html to
go at the bottom each of your pages (for items which have a debian
package).  This snippet might say whether the package is available on CD
and give a U.S and european and asian link or something similar.  I could
supply you with these snippets. 
	Please let me know what you think of these suggestions.


John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
Tucson,AZ     http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lapeyre

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