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Re: Package maintainer script policy.


>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

 Joey> Raul Miller wrote:
 >> I think it should be a wishlist bug.  This is a required package,
 >> and in a secure environment you'd like to be able to verify the
 >> dpkg scripts before running them (or perform the steps by hand).

	I realize, of course, the difference between a{pre,post}{inst,rm} 
 and a binary contained in a package; and that being that the former
 is run as root, and the latter is not. However, for a truly paranoid
 site, I still think one would like to audit the package sources.

 Joey> If you're ultra-paranoid, what's the difference between a
 Joey> postinst that is a binary (ie, libreadlineg2.deb) and a
 Joey> postinst that calls a binary that is contained in the package
 Joey> (ie, bash.deb)?

	Well, I guess the paranoid person does not load that
 package. But then, the paranoid person does not load the package with
 a binary postinst either, so we are back to square one.

 Joey> We can't outlaw the second, so I see no reason to bother
 Joey> outlawing the first.

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