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Re: Wanted: imgsizer maintainer (needs to know Perl, HTML)

Please note that I have looked at nothing yet but this posting ;-)

On Sun, 2 Aug 1998, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> [ Please don't Cc: public replies to me. ]
> Would someone like to take over the imgsizer package, since I'm not really
> competent to maintain it (I don't know Perl)? The package has just got a
> bug reported against it that requires understanding Perl to properly fix

What about the author? (Also of interest is the license.) If the author is
still available, he should vet the patch in any case...I'm missing

> (I can make a guess at how the package needs to be modified, but I'm
> not willing to make that guess, since making guesses isn't a good way
> to make quality).
Always test a guess, you may learn something important.

> Since imgsizer mucks with HTML files, I guess the imgsizer maintainer
> should know some HTML as well. Otherwise the package should be easy
> to maintain.

As I have been looking at man to HTML conversion (as an exercise in
lex/yacc programming for a book) I'm at least aware of the details.
> (I'm not putting the package on wnpp yet.)
I'm not offering to take it yet either, but I'm thinking about it.

Actually, if the license is clean and the author isn't posessive, I would
consider re-writing it in C. Translation of perl into C is surprisingly
easy, considering the capacity for opaquity that each language brings to
the table.

What do you think?

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