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intent to package slirp

I intent to package slirp (if nobody objects, of course), a
slip/ppp emulator over shell account.  It is dfsg-free, and this is
the (proposed) description for the control file:

Section: net
Priority: optional
Description: SLIP/PPP emulator using a dial up shell account
 Slirp is a TCP/IP emulator which turns an ordinary shell account
 into a (C)SLIP/PPP account.  This allows shell users to use all the
 funky Internet applications like Netscape, Mosaic, CUSeeMe, etc.

Roberto Lumbreras
rover@lander.es | rover@etsit.upm.es | rover@debian.org & pgp 143BE391
Lander Internet, Madrid-Spain-UE; http://www.lander.es

Much of human misery derives from two overgeneralizations: if
something is good, more is always better; and what is good for me is
good for everyone.

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