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Re: Wanted: imgsizer maintainer (needs to know Perl, HTML)

>> "LW" == Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:

LW> Would someone like to take over the imgsizer package, since I'm not really
LW> competent to maintain it (I don't know Perl)? The package has just got a
LW> bug reported against it that requires understanding Perl to properly fix
LW> Since imgsizer mucks with HTML files, I guess the imgsizer maintainer
LW> should know some HTML as well. Otherwise the package should be easy
LW> to maintain.


I believe I am competent enough in both Perl and HTML to take it over
from you.

Upstream author is Eric S. Raymond, so he should be available ;-)

The package is written to work with both perl4 and perl5. Many things
can be written much easier (and more failsave) now. My eyes hurt when
I read the script, so I might even convert it to perl5 and use the
modules available to simplify things. This would make the package only 
work with perl5.

But Perl4 is *dead*. As the perlgurus say: Upgrade now! Noone is
working on ensure perl4 is year 2000 compliant ;-)

I guess I have to speak with Eric about this if I get the new

BTW: The fix you got from Raul doesn't work with perl4, so if Eric
wants to leave his script the way it is now (and there is no way to
quiet perl5), I will create a derived imgsizer for perl5 and drop the
original one.

Raul and Dwarf have both also spoke up with alternative solutions, so
I guess you have free choice ;-)


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