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Re: update-inetd and xinetd

> > I think xinetd needs a yet another field - something like 'inactive' which
> > would leave the rest of the service information in place in the file, but
> > the daemon would not actually use that service.
> That would be useless:
>     --disable SERVICE
>               Disable  SERVICE  (e.g. "ftp") in /etc/inetd.conf .
>               If you want to disable more than  one  SERVICE  you
>               can  use  a  comma  separated  list of services (no
>               whitespace characters allowed).
> This option in update-inetd comments out the specifed service, update-xinetd
> should do the same.
> Also having an option that is update-xinetd speciffic would not be too
> helpfull as none of the packages in debian are xinetd aware, much less
> update-xinetd aware (as it doesnt exist yet).

Raul was referring to the problem of making update-inetd work properly with
xinetd. (rather than writing a separate update-xinetd)

An inetd configuration record for a service is a single line, like 
telnet          stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  

An xinetd configuration record for a service is a multi-line entry like
service telnet
   flags          = REUSE
   socket_type    = stream 
   wait           = no
   user           = root
   server         = /usr/etc/in.telnetd
   log_on_failure += USERID

(I find I have an old xinetd distribution on my system, though I dont have the
source to hand).

While it is easy to comment out the single line for the inetd record it is
harder to do the same for xinetd.

There is however an xinetd facility in the defaults record that might be
of use - you could use the 'disabled=SERVICE' facility, which I had
completely forgotten until I looked just now.

	John Lines

p.s. I think better support for xinetd would be great.

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