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Re: update-inetd and xinetd

> I think xinetd needs a yet another field - something like 'inactive' which
> would leave the rest of the service information in place in the file, but
> the daemon would not actually use that service.

That would be useless:
    --disable SERVICE
              Disable  SERVICE  (e.g. "ftp") in /etc/inetd.conf .
              If you want to disable more than  one  SERVICE  you
              can  use  a  comma  separated  list of services (no
              whitespace characters allowed).

This option in update-inetd comments out the specifed service, update-xinetd
should do the same.

Also having an option that is update-xinetd speciffic would not be too
helpfull as none of the packages in debian are xinetd aware, much less
update-xinetd aware (as it doesnt exist yet).

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