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Re: Should portslave divert or rename pppd & rlogin?

On Thu, Jul 30, 1998 at 09:26:49PM -0400, Norbert Veber wrote:
> Hi..
> I just started packaging portslave (as announced 15 days ago), and I've run
> into a bit of a problem.  
> Portslave is a radius client which also acts as a getty.  It comes with a
> modified pppd which can also authenticate over radius (for PAP connections),
> and a version of rlogin (not sure why).  It can also replace in.fingerd with
> its own program that will show users logged in over radius.
> My questions is, how should I handle this?  Rename the pppd it provides to
> something like pppd.portslave, or divert pppd (if there is one installed
> allready), or even conflict with the pppd package?
> How about finger, and rlogin?

Actually, what you should do is talk to the PPP maintainer.  The pppd
it provides actually has some very nice hooks for dynamic module
loading.  We should probably integrate them into ppp.  Certainly do NOT
divert ppp - our ppp has lots of little patches that one doesn't, and
that's a 2.2.0f based pppd iirc.  (I started trying to package
portslave a few months ago and ran out of time.)  You should ideally
try to figure out why it patches each program, and see if the patches
are or can be made flexible enough to integrate into the packages in
question.  Otherwise, put the binary somewhere (/usr/lib/portslave/
perhaps) and change the path where portslave wants it.


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