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Re: update-inetd and xinetd

> Another oddball feature is that update-inetd has different semantics
> if it's passed it a line of inetd that's commented out.  Not that
> hard to deal with.  But then there's also --comment-chars, which
> specifies the prefix to be used for the commented out line in
> inetd.conf.  Now, is that a record prefix or a line prefix (xinetd
> has multi-line records)?  [This is really more a gripe about xinetd
> -- how do you reliably automatically maintain a file with multi-line
> records where there's no good way of commenting out a record other
> than commenting out each line individually?]

I think xinetd needs a yet another field - something like 'inactive' which
would leave the rest of the service information in place in the file, but
the daemon would not actually use that service.

	John Lines

p.s. I am not actually running xinetd on my system at the moment, but I 
remember hacking it to work with the firewall toolkit many years ago.

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