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Re: "goals" for slink: FHS

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Raul Miller wrote:

> And I guess a third option would be to have fhs compliance be represented
> as an empty package, which conflicts with package versions not supporting
> it (man, info, ...), and package versions supplying files in the new
> locations (everything that has a moved location) depending on fhs.

More generally, a package named something like dversion might
be introduced.  The dversion package would be versioned with the
debian release version number (would have been dversion_2.0 for hamm,
would be dversion_2.1 for slink, etc., and might be something like
dversion_2.1-3.prerelease during slink prerelease, etc.).  Packages having
a debian release version sensitivity would then declare an appropriate
version-specific dependency on dversion.  Packages referencing /usr/share
would depend on dversion (>= 2.1), as would packages implementing or
requiring other system characteristics introduced for the debian 2.1

dversion might be made to depend on packages which supply release-specific
compatibility (e.g., man and info packages which search /usr/share/man),
or it might not.  I am a bit uneasy doing this that this might get messy.

The /etc/debian_version file might be moved from the base-files package
to dversion.

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