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Re: "goals" for slink: FHS

On 29 Jul 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>  >> (making it a slink requirement that any program with a reference to
>  >> /usr/man also supports /usr/share/man in the same fashion, and similarly
>  >> for info, and doc (dwww)).
> 	I would not like to see this ;-). This breaks our promise of
>  incremental upgrades. We can come up with a technical solution that
>  allows for a hybrid Hamm/Slink machine, and we should not take the
>  lazy way out.

Did I miss something?  What has been promised regarding incremental
upgrades which is broken by this?

What is a `hybrid Hamm/Slink machine'?  Is it a hamm machine running
some random packages taken from slink?  If so, have we promised to
support such running of slink packages in a hamm environment?

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