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Re: Automatic building of Debian: some results

Let's move this out of -devel please?

On Jul 27, Daniel Martin at cush decided to present us with:
> Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:
> Well... two questions:
> 1) Does "Source-Depend: foo" mean "I need package foo installed" or "I 
> need package foo's source sitting in a directory close by?

the former. I agree we need something to get the latter - think
of cross-compilers.

> 2) What about "Source-Conflicts:"?

Necessary too. Indeed, we should just duplicate the whole dpkg
functionality, if possible using libdpkg.

> 3) Should Source-Depend cover also the tools used in the building
> process (for example, gcc, make, etc.) or should we declare a
> "standard set" of development tools which it is assumed are going to
> be installed on any machine on is going to run the build scripts on?

Well, if binary packages depend on libc, then source packages
should source-depend on gcc too, right?

Come to think of it... many packages _don't_ need gcc. If we
count our {C++,perl,tk} packages this should make a decent

> Using a standard set seems to me like asking for trouble, and I doubt
> that the extra typing involved in adding "c-compiler" to the
> Source-Depends line is that much trouble.


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