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Philip Hands wrote:
> A couple of points still need to be addressed:
> 1)  README.official  needs to have a description of the rules of what you're
>     allowed to distribute under the ``Official Debian 2.0 CD'' label.
>     What are these ?
>     Are we allowing people to do single architecture versions:
>       binary-i386, contrib & source
>     and call it the ``Debian 2.0 Official i386 CD set''.

> Similarly, for m68k ?

I guess so

>     and if they include all the binary-* CD's, they get to call it something 
>     like:
>       Debian 2.0 Official Complete CD set

Sounds good.

>     Also, should people be allowed to distribute the binary-* CD's on their 
>     own and still call them Official, or not ?

I have no clue what you're talking about.



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