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Re: RH and GNOME


	The more arguments like this that I hear, the more convinced I
 get that we have become too popular. 

>>"Petra," == Petra, Kevin J Poorman <ewigin@SoftHome.net> writes:

 Petra,> Forgive me for being frank, and don't get me wrong I'm all
 Petra,> for debian. but these "selling points" are not selling points
 Petra,> at all, and won't mean jack in the long run. Corparations
 Petra,> will look and say, hum a package put together, by a company,
 Petra,> or the same package put together by a group of
 Petra,> vollenteers. uh, the vollenteers could have sabotauged the
 Petra,> package...  nope, gonna go with the one I can sue. ... (Not
 Petra,> saying that anyone would sabotauge a deb package... but...)

	Yup, the world is full of pointy haired managers. However,
 there are indeed selling points, to me, at least, and to others in
 the free software community. I am not convinced I want to be selling
 to anyone else, really, though I understand that others may want to
 (distribute Debian to a wider market, I mean).

 Petra,> Debian is by far the best linux dist (IMO) but if the current
 Petra,> mentality of "lets build a technical os" does not change,
 Petra,> debian will die.

	I doubt it. It may never have the popular appeal of windows
 98, but I doubt if Debian is going to just quitely give up the ghost.

 Petra,> SOME attention should be paid to users, and other
 Petra,> non-programer types. we are all for the advocation of linux,
 Petra,> until it means carring for our users.

	Say what? You mean we should give up our principle to take
 care of our users? I do not think I want users that make me give up
 my principles, thank you. There are plenty of users out there that
 understand the free software community -- and are not dazzled by the
 flash of cash registers.

 Petra,> Your selling point of commited to free software is a
 Petra,> good one, but it to is also, not much of a selling
 Petra,> point.

	It is to me, and I suspect a fair number of the developers and
 users out there. 

 Petra,> gpl/artistic has it's flaws. lets use some of our
 Petra,> colective knowlage, and cash (read this fully before yelling)
 Petra,> to come up with a set of licence goals, and hire a lawyer to
 Petra,> write it up.

	Sure. My citerion would essentially re-invent the GPL. So lets
 save our money, shall we? 


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