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Re: Debian i386 freeze

>>"John" == John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:

 John> No it isn't.  The GPL is not a contract.  It is a conditional
 John> grant of rights from the author to the user, and only the
 John> author has standing to sue to enforce it.

	Yup. And troll may well sue for modifying the Qt header files,
 which the KDE license gives the right to modify. And the person suing
 can sue us, for negligently distributing such software and causing
 harm to come to them. 

 John> When I order a CD from Cheap Bytes the agreement is "I'll send
 John> you two bucks if you'll send me a Debian CD."  If upon receipt
 John> of the CD I find that it is not what I expected due to the
 John> terms of the licenses on some of the programs the most I can
 John> expect to get in court is my two bucks back.  I cannot sue for
 John> specific performance under the terms of the GPL because the GPL
 John> is not part of the contract between me and Cheap Bytes.

	So, I pay for hot coffee, I get hot coffee, and I can't sue
 for $4,000,000, and win? I buy a BMW fr $36,000, it comes with a nick
 in the paint, that the dealer fixes free of cost, so I can't sue and
 win $2,500,000? Nice country you are living in. In this one, both the
 cases the plaintiff won. Far more in excess of what they paid. 

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