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Re: Possible Show-Stopper bug in X

>>>>> "stephen" == stephen p ryan <stephen.p.ryan@dartmouth.edu> writes:

    stephen> I thought I'd ask about this before I submit a bug report
    stephen> with some horrible severity rating on it....

    stephen> Earlier this week I upgraded to X on my laptop;
    stephen> X immediately stopped working.  Yesterday, a friend
    stephen> upgraded to X (also on a laptop), and it
    stephen> stopped working for him also.  However, I checked my
    stephen> desktop system after this and discovered that I had
    stephen> already upgraded it to, and it has (apparently)
    stephen> no problems.  Both use the svga xserver.  So I'm confused
    stephen> about the severity level of this bug.

It seems the symlink from /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc to ../Xsession
disappeared in

Try making that symlink again and see if X starts working again.


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