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Re: Status of qmail?

On Wed, Jul 15, 1998 at 04:21:58PM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> > As far as qmail for default MTA goes, I really cannot see Dan changing
> > his mind about the problems with his (lack of) licence, so don't
> > expect to see qmail in main any time soon --- therefore, it won't be
> > our default MTA.
> Perhaps.
> If we could properly deal with cleaning out the mail spool in the
> departing MTA, I think he'd be willing for us to distribute it under a
> license where modified versions can be distributed as long as they don't
> use the name "qmail" and don't use binaries with "qmail" in their name.

That was my original hope.  If people don't think he'd go for it (seems many
think he would not) I don't want to risk unsettling things and risk making
them worse.

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